Steering Group

Message from Susan Mizrahi

Steering Group Chair

In our fast-changing world, corporate community investment (CCI) strategies are changing and evolving as new social innovations by companies emerge. LBG is as relevant and valuable as it has ever been. This year LBG has taken major steps to continue supporting members in managing and measuring social innovations such as shared value and social procurement.

For the first time, we facilitated a social procurement working-group to look at how companies can measure the effectiveness of their social procurement strategies and report these contributions as part of their community investment portfolio.

We also continued our work around impact measurement, supporting a number of companies to measure and report their social impact stories. This has enriched the LBG benchmark data, and we are now able to provide greater insights into key social issues being addressed by our members.

In building the movement that is LBG we have welcomed community partners to the network this year, with our new program LBG for Community. The initiative supports not-for-profits with strategic partnership development, reporting and impact measurement. Over 25 organisations have completed the program in 2017, and registrations are open for the program in 2018.

Our key focus in 2018 will be the integration to become one global LBG network. Members will have access to more data, more benchmarking, more learning and more innovation in CCI than ever before. Never has there been a better time to join our global movement to drive more effective and valuable CCI.

As the Chair of LBG in Australasia, I envision a world where every business measures its community investment with a clear theory of change in mind and shares this in a transparent and consistent way. I’m proud to say that those in the LBG network are a testament to this vision, and I urge companies outside the network to join our movement.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge my fellow Steering Group members, who are the driving force behind the LBG movement in our region. I would also like to thank the Corporate Citizenship team for their pivotal role in facilitating LBG on behalf of the membership. It is a pleasure to lead such a passionate, committed group of individuals.

Steering Group Members

The driving force behind the Australia and New Zealand chapter is the Steering Group, which is a representative group of members dedicated to progressing and growing the LBG model in our region.